November Updates


A new chapter of Zectas will come out once a week. If we’re lucky maybe twice…

Zectas will have a total of 10 chapters per volume. So just 3 more chapters until the first volume will be completed…




We now have a total of three translators in our team (WOOOHOOO!!!)


Revanth, ScarletAngel, and Jawz. 


Fireutsie, Vaanouney, Lightrundus, and DemonKingNex.

We will try to make a translated release every two weeks. We won’t be giving out exact dates though.

The next chapter for LMS will come out within this week.

Also at Revanth’s suggestion. I’ve created an open gdoc where anyone can comment on the previous chapters. With your help, hopefully we could improve on those chapters.

Volume 21 Chapter 05 – Message in a Bottle

Volume 21 Chapter 06 – Miracle of Granting Life

Thanks for reading and we hope that you continue to come back to read some more!


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