Light Novel – Zectas – Volume 01 – Chapter 08

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Secrets of Nanahuatl Village

Filled with uncertainty, Nash finished his last modifications on his eighth video. He had been fiddling with it for quite some time since his last video only got him another check for $10,000.

His seventh video was about the time when he fought the iron golem and at the end of the video he showed the other players that he had acquired a symbiote, Dark Ember Sprite, Igniz.

This was Nash’s usual plan of enticing his audience since the process of creating a symbiote was not found in any of the forums.

Unfortunately, his audience got tired of his customary mysterious videos. The appeal of finding out the secret process of gaining a symbiote was gone.

The reason being that almost no one was able to solve the riddle of his videos. Also when his videos are compared against that of Tristan’s and Amahan’s, those videos spoon fed the users with a ton of useful information.

Nash kept tabs on his two rivals. He found that their video posts had some kind of theme.

Tristan’s latest series of posts were more like a documentary. It was about how he raised his private army to 300 NPCs. He originally started out with just 30 NPCs. They mostly consisted of Wizards, Snipers, Assassins, and Paladins.

He first visited the Academia’s advance jobs. There, he coerced the NPCs by promising them a hefty salary of 100,000 zecs per month and a bonus depending on their contribution to certain quests. He pointed out that it had to be this high in order to quickly increase the intimacy with the NPC and have a loyalty of above 50+ once they have joined the private army.

After going on various quests with these 30 NPCs, Tristan had raised their intimacies to 80+. At that range the NPC’s salary could be reduced to about 25%. Of course Tristan did no such thing.

Instead he sent the 30 NPCs to the basic job centers of their respective fields. There he had them pick out at least 10 candidates to join his private army. He also instructed his NPC’s to promise them 20,000 zecs per month if they were to join him.

Tristan, Aurora, and Bones together with the gathered NPCs focused on monster hunts and quests that would rapidly increase the levels of the NPCs with the basic jobs.

With the places to train plotted out, the NPCs easily got the requirements needed to get their advance jobs. Tristan instructed them to get their advance jobs and assured them a salary of 60,000 zecs per month.

Because he was the one responsible for increasing their levels their loyalties had also increased to 80% and thus they agreed to the said amount.

The original 30 NPCs still continued on with their same salary and were inducted as Captains to Tristan’s private army.

From the salaries alone Tristan had an upkeep of 19,200,000 zecs. If you were to include the maintenance of equipments, food, and lodging for his private army, it would sum up to about 30,000,000 zecs a month!

Amahan and his guild the Decane were still in the newly discovered Northern Kingdom of Aquilomentl. From their last post that displayed the location of the entrance to Aquilomentl, a horde of players from the North came to the said location.

Amahan’s series of video posts were about the strategic locations in Aquilomentl, places where in players would get the most experience and the expensive undead loot.

Players continued to head to the locations that Amahan had been posting from all three kingdoms of,  Mictaztl (Northern Kingdom), Matotl (North Eastern Kingdom), and Chanmotzl (North Western Kingdom).

There were guilds that had at least 1,000 of their members join in on the expedition to the north…

Merchants and Traders quickly seized this opportunity, having various Cooperatives of Merchants and Traders to establish rally points.

As the players increased their numbers the threat of the monsters attacking decreased as well. Mini-Rally Encampments were set up as the players heading to the north just kept on increasing everyday.

If you were in one of these encampments you would have thought that you’ve stepped into a medium sized village. The encampments had stalls from various Merchant Shops, Blacksmith Shops, Appraisal Shops, and First Aid Centers.

All of these encampments gave 2% of their profits to the Decane guild. Decane had signed a deal with the Commercial Community (composing of Merchants, Blacksmiths, Tailors, Appraisers, Alchemists, and other production jobs) to create this business opportunity.

In the main cities, the Commercial Community has a tax of 15% in all of their business transactions. Offering the Decane Guild a 2% incentive was a bargain.

Nash’s eighth video displayed his victory against the murlocks and the lamias. But this time he showed the prowess of his private army.

He showcased the combination of the Range Sieger and the series of Hunter attacks as they took on the thorny devil lizards head on.

The Range Sieger is a hidden job. There were already a number of players who had gotten it but no one had really displayed its power and potential.

He was confident of his private army. He thought that with the military precision that they displayed as the army of murlocks and lamias came at them was enough to give Decane a run for their money.

Many strategies were shown in this video post, but Smoke still stuck to his plan of keeping most of his information a secret, such as the acquisition of knowledge from books, the location of Nanahuatl Village, and his job.

However, at the end of his video post he included the part where in Sharur called out his name. Before everyone would just call him supernovice. But now they would come to know him as… Smoke!

With this he had hoped that it would entice the players to start reviewing his videos once more. He desperately needed to make 200,000,000 views.

A few hours after Nash posted his eighth video a forum thread became viral. The thread kept getting comments every second. It’s subject was ‘Tristan vs. Amahan vs. Smoke’

MedZeusa: Tristan is definitely better than those two wannabes. So what if Amahan has the highest level. He doesn’t have Tristan’s private army.

ErcleX: A battle royale between those three would be a nice sight to see. But I think Smoke’s level is still too low to be much of a competition. But if they bring their whole guild and private armies, there might be some challenge there.

Taguro: Each one of them hasn’t displayed 100% of their full power. I’d like to see what the outcome would be if they all gave it their best.

Gon: I’m with Amahan on this one. Tristan’s just displaying how rich he is. If he can’t pay that private army of his he won’t stand a chance. Well he still has DracoRicco for back up. But I’m confused is this just players and their private army or guild and all? What are the rules for their battle?

Alfreddix: I must say if it’s one on one I’m with Tristan. Amahan’s specialty is against the Undead. If he would fight against Smoke. Even with Smoke’s lower level he can still take out Amahan.

BeanScent: Yeah, I’m not 100% sure about this but I think that Amahan and his Decane are just using the players as pawns in clearing up the new found kingdom. I find it really suspicious why his giving out specific locations in the map. If it’s a great hunting ground, wouldn’t you want to monopolize that place for your guild?

Palayden: It’s Tristan for sure hands down. Those two can’t even hold a candle against him.

SupahNovice-Disciple#12312312: Master Smoke!!! I still can’t get over the fact that I now know your name! I’m sure that even if your level is lower than Tristan’s and Amahan’s you will find a way to defeat those two. No matter what the rules of your battle would be. Please tell us your location so we could join your guild Master Smoke!

DetectiveRonan: I’m not too sure that Smoke’s level is that low either. I think he should be in the late 80s or early 90s. With that insane attack speed and attack damage. He has to be at least level 85.

PreMatureBoi: Tristan… Tristan… Tristan… Tristan…

PentaKillar: Maybe all three of them can join in an arena fight. All major cities hold arena battles right? Why not have them fight there?

AssInUrDead: For one all three of them are located in different parts of Zectas. Amahan is in the North, Tristan is in the East, and Smoke well… I don’t think he is in those two places. Maybe the Western or the Southern Kingdoms?

SupahNovice-Disciple#98712587: Master Smoke… Will be victorious! Tristan and Amahan can’t do anything against him.

MoneyBanks: Tristan’s just insanely rich. An average player who has a level of 100+ can earn 5 million zecs in a month. That’s with consistently doing C level and above quests with a mountain of loot. Tristan’s last video showing that he spends 30 million zecs for his private army alone makes me raise a question. Is that what he uses the fees in his DracoRicco guild for? For Amahan, I heard from a reliable source that he gains 2% from all of the encampments in the north. For Smoke, well he’s still pretty much of a mystery but I’m sure something is up with him as well.

DawnOfMonsters: I think Amahan could take on another player in PVP. I don’t think he would be dumb enough to focus on just one type of monster. The world of Zectas is so vast and has many varieties of monsters. Anyway I’m sure Amahan can take on Tristan and especially Smoke.

DarkKite: I’m undecided on who would win but the fact remains that having those three fight would be a fight worth seeing. I mean I’d pay to watch those three fight.

TriTank: Tristan is still currently the only player with a City. He has the highest known members of a private army. He has taken on a legendary dragon. What are Amahan’s   accomplishments? Besides discovering some kingdom that could be discovered by anyone who would have stumbled upon it. Now for this clown of a character named Smoke. It’s just so pathetic that he would try to join in on this fight.

Aside from Tristan showing off how rich he is. Has he ever done a quest that he did on his own? I think that Smoke is a better player than him. Have you forgotten that he managed to free that village all by himself? I think the real challenge for Amahan would be Smoke and not Tristan. However in the end the only winner that I can see emerging from this fight would be Amahan!

A couple of days later, Nash received a text from the Manager of the Game Center. He was nervous to see the check. His video together with Tristan’s and Amahan’s had divided the viewership of the players evenly.

Not, one video reached 200 million views. He had hoped that the higher management would see that, and would grant him a $15,000 check despite not reaching the quota.

He was in front of the door of which behind it would inform him if he would be able to pay for his brothers’ education fund this month.

Too nervous to remember his manners, Nash immediately opened the door and entered. The Manager was surprised to see him come in.

“Oh, Nash, finally decided to skip the formalities of knocking on doors, ey?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry sir, I just… wanted to come in right away.”

“I bet you are. Who wouldn’t be excited to get their paycheck? Listen, before anything else let me assure that I tried my best to reason with the higher ups. But they just wouldn’t budge.”

The manager handed Nash a paycheck worth $10,000. It means he has to skip another month without depositing any money to his brothers’ educational plan.

“I see, so it’s still $10,000. I guess it’s only logical since I didn’t reach the quota. I just hoped that they would see that the competition is just tougher this time.”

“Yeah, I pointed that out to them as well, but they just wouldn’t give in. Anyway what have you been doing with the in game money that Zectas has been paying?”

“I’ve used some of them as an investment on a village that I’m staying in.”

“Oh, you haven’t bought game items yet and sold them online for real cash?”

“Well, I haven’t actually entered any of the main cities yet. But I think it’s about time that I did. I was planning on doing that in the next few days after I’ve gained a few more levels, increased some of my skills and finish off a monster that’s been on my mind for a couple of months now.”

With a determined look on his face. Nash started heading back home. He needed to get into Coatl City as soon as possible. Although he felt that with his current level and abilities he would only be easy prey for other players. He started making out his action plans for the next couple of days.

Donny held the eskrima stick just a few centimeters before Nash’s face. The three brothers had been doing daily eskrima practice sessions in the morning for the past 3 months.

Donny uses too much strength in their practice that Nash has no way of overpowering him without hurting him. Resulting in his utter defeat.

As for Seth, he got quite exceptional at wielding the rubber knives that the Grand Master gave them. Nash could no longer keep up with him as well.

Six out of ten times Seth always gets to disarm Nash’s rubber knife. In the same situation with Donny, Seth also uses too much force that Nash is afraid to put in more strength without hurting Seth.

Both Seth and Donny also continues to practice eskrima in the afternoon with Grand Master Cacoy.

At first Nash dominated them both. But as the weeks progressed he was beginning to see that he was slowly being left behind by the two.

Donny had clearly taken a liking to the eskrima sticks as he was seen always carrying the sticks around. Even in school he brought the sticks with him. He asked for a big bag with a secret compartment where he could hide the sticks.

Of course he never brought them out at school but he just liked the feel of the sticks as he touched them through his bag.

Meanwhile, Seth took a liking to the knives specialty. He found the practicality of the situation where a potential mugger would be using a knife.

He first started mastering the bare-handed techniques and then moved on to the rubber knives.

Nash always reminded them that if they were in a situation where they are being mugged it’s still better to just hand out their items rather than risk their lives.

He wanted them to understand his intention for them to learn martial arts. It should only be used for self-defence and self-discipline. He didn’t want them to become some heroic vigilantes.

Both of them promised not to go against actual muggers and to keep in mind that they are not super-heroes.

Their Mima Daphne enjoyed watching the brothers practice so early in the morning. Even if it gets really cold outside.

Nash couldn’t be prouder of his two brothers. They were really serious with honing their eskrima skills and he didn’t hear any problems in school either. Which only indicated that they didn’t abuse their well trained abilities.

Smoke opens his eyes and starts looking for the two books that Darius gave him. He was told that those two books contained vital information that would make things clearer.

Right after he got his Beggar job. He came to know that there was a sixth family token. He was filled with questions. What exactly was his Beggar Job? Who was the owner of the sixth family token and where is it located now?

His questions were ignored. Darius told him that he will not proceed with the discussions about the ‘Beggar Job’ and the ‘Sixth Family Token’ until he has acquired the books’ knowledge.

The books were entitled ‘Secret Societies of Zectas’ and ‘The Enigmatic Village of Nanahuatl’. Each book required 48 hours in order to acquire their knowledge.

Smoke was troubled once he saw the total number of hours that the progress bar indicated. His modified polyphasic sleeping pattern the ‘Ubernash’ required him to take at least four 25 minutes of sleep within a 24 Hour time period.

He found that he could last at most 15 hours without taking a 25 minute nap and still function properly, without any health issues.

If he would skip this it would totally ruin his sleeping pattern, endanger his health and cause severe migraines.

In order to solve this dilemma. He did some experimentation with the behaviors and restrictions of ‘acquiring knowledge’. He held the two books at the same time and started his experiment.

Both of the books’ progressbar started. He sat down and waited for about 10 minutes. He double checked the progressbar and saw that both books indicated 47 Hours and 50 minutes left before acquiring the knowledge.

He then logged out of Zectas while holding both books. After a few seconds he logged in once more. He checked both progressbars and saw that it indicated 47 Hours and 51 minutes left.

His experiment was a success! Although there was a lag of about 1 minute in the progressbar but that didn’t matter much to him.

His theory was that as long as the book was ‘equipped’ to his hand before logging out then once he would log back in those books would still be equipped. Since this was also the behavior for equipped weapons.

So the rule that a player must be holding the book at all times in order for the progressbar to continue only applies during the time that he is inside Zectas.

Smoke was in a sudden state of euphoria. Finding out new discoveries in the game was like a drug to him. He could now safely acquire the knowledge of these two books.

Now that Adder was back he could move more freely without the need of both his hands. So he decided to acquire the knowledge of the two books simultaneously.

He summoned his private army to give them some instructions. They would do this while he was still acquiring the knowledge of the books. He ordered some special tasks for the members of his private army.

Jinggu and Sharur were instructed to gain the poison resistance ability. Since going to Mandragora Forest would take too long. He instructed Vijaya to help them. With her falcons’ ability poison beak, replicating the poison damage from the poison slimes should be easy.

Sharanga was ordered to create a trap strong enough that even a mountain troll or a giant could not escape it. It also needed to have the ability to be deployed quickly. Ichaival asked if he could help her as it’s very dangerous for a person to travel alone… or some similar excuse that Smoke found amusing. He agreed and had the two start working on the trap.

Thyrsus was given certain coordinates on his map. With his ability ‘Falcon Vision’, he was instructed to scope out the whole forest of his destination. Smoke wanted exact dimensions of the forest and locations of every possible vantage points that they could use against the master of that forest. He also told him, that no matter what happens only his falcon should enter the center of the forest.

As his private army dispersed Smoke heard Sharanga talk to Ichaival.

“You do know that the construction of the trap still happens inside the village right? The testing isn’t going to happen for another couple of days. So you don’t need to defend me or anything…”

“Oh, but you could still use an assistant right? Don’t worry I’ll be useful and won’t be a nuisance at all.”

The special activities that Smoke planned weren’t only for the members of his private army. He also had planned a special training menu for himself.

From the last few days of monster hunts and quests, Smoke had reached level 72. However with his job change to Beggar. All of his equipment’s attributes were cut down to 25% of their potential.

He thought that the penalty would only incur if there was a job requirement on the equipment. at least that’s what he gathered from the description of the ‘Beggar’s Adaptation’ ability.

However that was not the whole truth. He soon discovered that the Beggar’s Adaptation would take effect all the time. Regardless if there was a job requirement or not.

He checked the bonuses that he got from the ‘ModBlackSniper Armor Set’ which confirmed his theory. It’s bonuses were cut down to 25%. He tried out his composite bow and he only managed to do 350 damage instead of 1,400.

Fortunately, the abilities that he had painstakingly raised over the past few months were unaffected. His ability ‘Agility of the Horned Rabbit’ which was pinned down at Advance Level 4, still gave him +420 Agility.

His ‘Cunning of the Dire Fox’ which greatly increased over the last quest. Just recently rose to Intermediate Level 9 and gave him a range of 280 meters to detect the presence of an enemy.

These discoveries from his Beggar job were the basis for his special training menu. He would focus on the things that were unaffected by the Beggar job since he still didn’t know much about it.

He asked Adder to join him in the nearby forests. They went to a forest that had monsters who had levels of late 50s to early 60s. The monsters were mostly rabid raccoons, iron owls, and stone deers.

The monster that Smoke was looking for was the rabid raccoon. They have high agility and very fast attack speed. They were the perfect guinea pigs for his experiment.

He stood in front of three rabid raccoons with the two books still tightly held in both his hands. He then began taunting them. Immediately the three monsters attacked Smoke.

– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -831
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -828

– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -828
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -830
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -829

– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -833
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -828
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. You’ve taken damage. Health -829
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.

Smoke’s lifebar displayed (30,214/36,850 HP). Unlike tank jobs like Knight, Paladin, or Chevalier, the Beggar job didn’t give much HP boost.

He was raising his abilities ‘Agility of the Horned Rabbit’ and ‘Cunning of the Dire Fox’. But ever since he began using the bow he never got in close range to the monsters. So he had no need to use his dodge ability often.

Adder and Igniz were ordered to keep watch for other monsters. Especially the iron owls since they have a range attack called ‘feathered arrow strike’.

Igniz was quick to chase the iron owls hiding up in the trees. While Adder was busy defending Smoke’s back from any potential range attacks since his ‘Cunning of the Dire Fox’ can’t detect those kinds of attack.

He took on three more rounds from the three rabid raccoons’ attacks. His lifebar became (11,214/36,850 HP). Since he did not have any ability to attack with his legs and with only 30% left of his life he called for Adder and Igniz to eliminate the monsters that were attacking him.

The three rabid racoons were killed in under 4 seconds. Adder took down two while Igniz dealt with the last rabid raccoon.

Smoke ordered for the two of them to protect him for the next 2 minutes since it took that long for his life to fully recover.

Normally when sitting down and using the ‘medicinal deer stew’ it would take about 10 minutes in order to completely heal.

However, now that he has found a new medicinal recipe from one of the books that he read, the recovery time has been reduced to one third.

The recipe is called: ‘medicinal curry’, its ingredients are potatoes, yellow medicinal herbs, fish, deer meat, coconut, jaggery, garlic, and jalapeño.

The spices are still in short supply so he can’t make too many of this new dish. The effects of the dish are 1% recovery rate and ‘burned status’ which meant 150 damage/second. The effects also last for 30 minutes. Since Smoke has gained fire resistance of up to 50% he didn’t take any damage from ‘the burned status’.

He didn’t want to take any unnecessary recovery periods. So he opted to try dodging just one rabid raccoon.

– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.
– Attacked by rabid raccoon. MISS. damage: 0.

Still handicapped by the two books. Smoke just kept on dodging the rabid raccoon. 20 minutes have passed and the effects of his ‘medicinal curry’ had ran out. He asked for Igniz to take out the rabid raccoon.

“Time to recharge guys. Let’s head out to the plains and eat some curry.”

As they settled down to rest. Adder started preparing the meal. Once everything was set. They started eating. Seeing that Smoke can’t use both his hands he had asked Igniz to become his pseudo spoon.

Igniz would create a small fire shield and scoop down the curry and feed it to Smoke. This made the curry a little bit hotter but he found the temperature to be just right.

“Wow, Igniz sure seems to be pretty useful.”

“I know, I just asked him if he could feed me somehow and he was the one who came up with that ember spoon.”

“I wish I had an ember sprite. Or anything that could replace my missing left arm.”

“Yeah, about that I’ve been looking for books on limb restoration for humans… and I’m afraid that all I found was creating prosthetic limbs. Of course you need a specialized craftsman in order to make moveable limbs.”

“I see, well I’m in no hurry to get prosthetic limbs. Although I may miss my left arm but if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have been driven to learn the ability ‘Grip of the Silver Gorilla’. There are still a couple of good things that came out of that unfortunate incident.”

“In any case, I’ll still keep on looking for ways of getting you a better arm. Okay? You good to go? Let’s head back.”

The experience gained from one rabid raccoon was barely visible. Yet the progressbar from the ‘Agility of the Horned Rabbit’ increased by .003% when Smoke dodge against the three rabid raccoons.

He decided to stick with dodging three monsters. He just needed to think of it as being attacked by one rabid raccoon that happens to be on three sides at the same time.

After three hours of repetitive training he gained a better understanding of the rabid raccoons’ attack pattern. The damage that he gets in a ten minute time span has been reduced from 6,000 to 4,000.

It was after 12 hours of doing the same routine that he managed to drop the attacks to a measly 1,500 within 10 minutes.

Working hard really paid off. His supplies for making the ‘medicinal curry’ were almost running out. So he really needed to clear the three rabid raccoons without getting hit ASAP.

With the damage that low he could confidently switch to the old recipe the ‘medicinal deer stew’. His ability ‘Agility of the Horned Rabbit’ needed just 20% more before reaching Advance Level 5.

On his second day of training, a pleasant surprise popped up. He received a system notification for his efforts.

+ Cunning of the Dire Fox has increased to Advance Level 1!

 Detects Enemy Presence from 330 meters away.
 * Advance effect unlocked:
    > Sensing the blood lust of attackers increases dodge rate by 10

He made a winning pose and raised both books up in the air. Now he could step up his game and try dodging 4 rabid raccoons at once.

After only getting misses from the four monsters for an hour. He decided to increase them to six. The moment he added two more rabid raccoons into the mix he started receiving damage.

However the damage was still below the healing rate of the ‘medicinal deer stew’ so he continued the pace at six rabid raccoons.

The progressbars on the books displayed that they would be completed in the next forty five minutes. Yet the experience bar from his ‘Agility of the Horned Rabbit’ remained at 96.5%.

“Well, my real purpose here was to kill time while I acquired these books’ knowledge anyway. Looks like I’ll just have to increase ‘Agility of the Horned Rabbit’ some other time. Adder, Igniz it’s time to head home! Hurry up and finish these monsters.”

Smoke had already estimated the travel time required for their return. Igniz was happily orbiting around Smoke once more while he was running with the two books still held tightly in his hands.

As the borders of Nanahuatl Village came into view so did the progressbars of the book came to completion.

+ Secret Societies of Zectas

 * Made up of mythical races, organizations and groups. There has been a lot of hearsay regarding them but no one has been able to procure enough evidence to prove their existence. The conspiracy theory is that they have been either absorbed or were silenced by the society that they got too close to.

          The Societies that conquered all of Zectas

– Celestial and Divine beings that created and ruled over Zectas.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Gods of Zectas’

– The most powerful and plentiful race at one point in Zectas.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘The Terrible Lizards’

– Powerful giants who came close to having the power of Gods.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘The Strongest Mortals’

          The Societies that hold influence over Zectas

Guardias de Tiempo
– mostly composed of the hidden job: Magical Templars. They are said to be guardians of knowledge and time. They might hold the complete history of Zectas’ past present and future.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Guardias de Tiempo’

Verum de Mendicantibus
– mostly composed of the hidden job: Beggars. They are said to be the stabilizers of the world. They say that they are hiding in plain sight and are a part of Society’s elites.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Verum de Mendicantibus’

Ladrones del Mundo
– composed of branches of the thieves job: Vikings, Pirates, Raiders, Marauders. They are said to be the cruelest thieves of the world. Whenever they attack everything will be wiped out leaving only ruins.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Ladrones del Mundo’

Domitor Arva
– composed of elite individuals who have gained the titles of Kings, Imperators, Kaisers. They are said to be the rulers of the world.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Domitor Arva’

Inauditas Volucris
– composed  of HalfBeasts, and other HalfBreeds. They say that no place will accept them so they created a society of their own.
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Inauditas Volucris’

– composed of self proclaimed heroes, where the individuals has an alignment of: Lawful Evil/Chaotic Good/Unbiased Justice
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Vindicabo’

Charognards de la Lune
– mostly composed of the hidden job: Moon Knights. They are said to be the rulers of the night. They are a special group under the Vindicabo
> More information on the book entitled: ‘Charognards de la Lune’

+ The Enigmatic Village of Nanahuatl

Ordered by the ‘Guardias de Tiempo’. There were six individuals who were tasked to create a village around the ‘Repository of Overflowing Power’, to defend it from the world. Least its powers by used for corruption.

These six individuals brought along their families. They created the remote village of Nanahuatl. It’s lead founder was none other than the mighty and undefeated  ‘Kumbaba’. No one could tell what his actual job was. Since he displayed abilities unique to many jobs.

The ‘Guardias de Tiempo’ knew that no one should have access to that much power. So they chose the six most incorruptible individuals and made them its protectors.

The six clan heads disguised the repository as a modest coal mine. They hired workers to excavate coal in the top layers. While they created a special barrier to protect the forbidden power inside.

Slowly the simple village of Nanahuatl started to grow and prosper. New immigrants arrived and families started to increase in their numbers.

In time the village came to be some small laid back coal mining village. They had no clear military power but they had impressive wards and walls to protect their small village.

The village took in anyone who didn’t have a home. The residents did not judge anyone that would come into their village. Travelers found the village friendly and welcoming.

As such the travelers became resident and decided to stay in Nanahuatl Village. Some of them were refugees, criminals, escaped slaves, or convicted prisoners.

Everyone was welcome. The village held a mysterious power of healing the souls of its residents. The criminals and prisoners were reformed. They became just and honest residents of the village.

Without noticing it, Nanahuatl Village came to hold 9,000 residents. The six clan heads still had control over the village but their children was a different story.

Even though the village was increasing in population, the Raiders and Marauders still overlooked them since the village didn’t look to be rich.

With everything settled. Life in Nanahuatl Village continued to be calm, simple, and pleasant.

Although the ‘Guardias de Tiempo’ had complete faith in the six protectors, they still created a fail safe. Just in case something terrible would happen. They were very hopeful that such a dreadful day would never come.

+ Your total ‘Acquired Knowledge’ has increased your Intelligence by 10.

He couldn’t believe what he was reading in the ‘Acquired Knowledge’ window. Nanahuatl Village held such a secret! Darius knew all of this all along.

His first memory of Nanahautl Village was an old run down ghost town. He wondered what terrible thing might have happened that caused the village to be such a desolate place.

The only way to find out is to ask Darius. He increased his pace and started sprinting for Darius’ house. Acquiring the knowledge of those two books led to more questions than answers.

At the fountain in the village. Smoke asked Adder and Igniz to go to his house and sort out their supplies and the loot that they’ve gathered. He knew that Darius would ask them to leave anyway.

Smoke reached Darius’ house and didn’t bother to knock. He felt more familiar with him than the Manager of the Game Center, who he thinks as his second father.

“Darius, I’m coming in. You sure have a lot of explaining to do. Why didn’t you tell me the truth about Nanahuatl Village? Also, the missing sixth family token, does it belong to Kumbaba? Darius? Darius? Where are you Darius?”

He had checked the kitchen, the library, and even the backyard but he didn’t find Darius anywhere. He usually just hangs around his house.

The he remembered that Darius also had a cellar like the one in his house. He went back inside and rushed downstairs to the cellar.

Darius’ cellar wasn’t bare like his. The cellar was filled with books, potions and other equipments that he knew nothing about. Suddenly, one of the walls shifted down and Darius stepped out.

“Oh, I thought you’d be back after one more hour. I was just doing some tidying around my knowledge chamber. You know… for our ‘talk’. Ahh, I can clearly see that you’re flooded with questions. I told you that reading those two books would make the talk simpler.”

Smoke knew that in games like these you have to fulfill certain requirements in order to activate certain events. Yet he was still pissed that Darius didn’t tell him any of this stuff before. He thought that they were already close enough that he would tell him everything.

“Couldn’t you have told me about Nanahuatl Village sooner? I thought that we were closer than ‘Blood Brothers’? So what happened here?”

“Before everything else, let’s head into my chamber of knowledge. It can’t be compared to the infinite chamber inside your house but it’s still big enough for our talk.”

Darius waved his hand and the wall started shifting downwards. He went inside and motioned for Smoke to step in as well. Smoke kept silent and followed him with a furrowed brow.

“So, we’re inside now. You better start spilling the beans on everything.”

“Right, first let’s step into the casting circle. Well what do you want to hear first? The sixth token or about the Beggar job? I’m guessing the Beggar job right?”

“Heck no, I want to hear about Nanahuatl Village. What happened here? What happened to Kumbaba? From the book I could tell that he also had the job of a Beggar.”

“Alright, I’ll tell you all about Nanahuatl Village. From the book’s acquired knowledge you now know about the ‘Repository of Overflowing Power’ right?”

“Yeah. I’m also curious about that one. What’s inside that mine anyway?”

“Do you remember the ‘Vitalis’ stones that the Lizardites were mining in Condortl? Well that stone is nothing compared to the essence diamonds inside that mine. Deep inside the coal mines are an endless supply of mana rich essence diamonds. Their colors vary from white, pink, champagne, yellow, blue, green, brown, grey, black, and purple. Each of these essence diamonds hold tremendous power.”

Darius stopped his narration as his eyes started to stare into the far off distance. The chamber of knowledge was filled with bright lights and images.

Instantaneously, Smoke and Darius were standing in front of the fountain in the center of Nanahuatl Village. However the village looked brand new. There were plenty of smiling people. This looked like Nanahuatl Village in its prime. Smoke thought that they were transported into the past.

“These things are not real. These are just images from the past. This is what Nanahuatl Village used to look like. You see that man sitting at the porch in front of your house? That’s Kumbaba. As you can see he’s a Darkelf like you. These were the peaceful days of Nanahuatl Village. Fishermen would go out to the rivers and seas for days. When they return we would always celebrate by having a Village Feast with their bountiful catch. Farmers would hold festivals every harvest time. This was all Kumbaba’s doing. He equipped each resident of Nanahuatl with the knowledge to pursue their passion.”

Once again, Darius stopped his narration. Another torrent of bright lights transformed the chamber of knowledge. This time they were in some plain. Smoke saw two men. One was Kumbaba while the other one looked like his younger version.

“That young man is called Giro. He is Kumbaba’s son.”

Giro then started to make wide motions with both his hands and feet. He looked like he was executing some sort of martial arts kata.

The clear sky started to grow dark and was filled with cumulonimbus clouds. At the end of his performance. A gigantic water dragon appeared from the gathered clouds.

Just a few seconds later the ground started to rumble. This time an earth dragon emerged from the plains creating a huge gorge around the father and son.

The two dragons started to clash. Their bodies were intertwining. They were flying in the sky creating many forms and shapes. Until finally their bodies settled into a perfect circle.

Slowly the intertwined bodies of the two dragons descended. Their bodies filled the gorge with water and earth. Then a flash of light enveloped their bodies. Trees started to rapidly grow out of the gorge. The trees started to spread outward. Leaving the circle where the father and son stood unaffected.

“Giro, was very talented. He almost came close to my level. If I were to rank us it would be Kumbaba, Myself, Rendah, Giro, Demutig, Aiden, and then Humilde. Yeah, that Humilde often neglects her practice. Oh, sorry for spacing out there. Anyway, Kumbaba often took Giro out and trained with him. As the years passed his thirst for power grew out of control. While exploring their house. Giro found Kumbaba’s copy of ‘The Enigmatic Village of Nanahuatl’. He quickly headed for the coal mines. At first he couldn’t find the entrance to the chamber that led to the barrier.”

While Darius was talking the blurring lights started to show the insides of the coal mine. They were taken into a cavern that was much bigger than the one that the murlocks and lamias were using as their hideout. At the center of the cavern was an enormous cube like barrier and beside it stood a pedestal with a small wooden carving of a Darkelf squatting on top.

“Giro kept on attacking the barrier but it didn’t leave any dent. He stubbornly continued attacking the barrier in secret. After about a month of fruitlessness. He came back with his father’s sword ‘Cylindratis’. This sword was made from the claws of the great god Cuezaltzin.”

Smoke saw Giro pouring all of his mana into the Cylindratis. Forcefully he pushed the sword into the barrier. Slowly the barrier started to give. Small cracks started to appear.

As Giro took out Cylindratis from the barrier, a yellow essence diamond was found on its tip. The yellow essence diamond was about the size of a pebble. He quickly grabbed the essence diamond and absorbed its power.

Giro then discarded the empty essence diamond that had turned to a stone that looked closely like coal.

Bolts of lightning started to surround his body. He immediately felt the power surge within him. He tried moving and was shocked to see that he was as fast as the Magical Templars if not faster.

He picked up a boulder at least 10 times his size with ease. He thought that maybe he was stronger than a Gigantes. Giro was so enamored with his new found powers that he failed to see that his father was standing behind him.

“Giro, What have you done?!”

“Papa, I just wanted to be strong like you. Now I can become one of the protectors. If you still won’t accept me. I could travel the world and help the weak and the oppressed. But I still need more power. I just need one more essence diamond or maybe two. Just to be sure that no one would be able to defeat me.”

“You’ve been corrupted! You’ve become drunk with power. Can’t you see what that essence diamond has done to you?”

“No, you’re wrong! I’m still in complete control of myself. Ahh… I get it. You’re jealous of me. You’re jealous that your own son has become stronger than you.”

“See?! You’re even making such an insane accusation. Giro, please listen to me. It’s not too late. We can ask for help from the Guardias de Tiempo. I’m sure they can do something.”

“You just want to get rid of my power! I was right you’re jealous that I’m now stronger than you. But you don’t have to worry Papa. I’ll show you that I’m still in control.”

Giro teleported in front of Kumbaba and held his Cylindratis inches from his neck.

“Do you understand Papa? I’m in complete control! If I wasn’t I would’ve sliced off your neck.”

“You’re the one who doesn’t understand. If you were really in control then you wouldn’t have pointed my sword against me. Please, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You still think that you can hurt me? You still think that you’re stronger than me?”

Giro steps back and sheaths Cylindratis.

“Go ahead. I’d like to see you try.”

“I told you. I don’t want to hurt you. Now, come on. Let’s go get you cured.”

Lightning enveloped Giro’s whole body. He started to move but even before he could disappear his father’s fist came out of nowhere and punched him so hard that he was blown against wall of the mines.

The impact was so strong that the mines began to tremble. Kumbaba waved his hands and the shafts inside the mines stabilized.

He didn’t want to do it but he knew that if Giro wasn’t knocked out he wouldn’t go with him to the Guardias de Tiempo.

Kumbaba made some hand seals and the ground that they were standing on flattened. Next a circle appeared with magical rune encryption. The encryption read ‘Adversus Aeternus Praesas’.

He then carried Giro on his back. Both of them were teleported to the address indicated in the casting circle. The temple of ‘Aeternus Praesas’ the medical temple of the Guardias de Tiempo.

Suddenly Darius’ chamber of knowledge was filled with total darkness. Smoke immediately looked at Darius.

“What happened to Kumbaba and Giro? Why is it suddenly pitch black?”

“The Guardias’ temple is beyond my chamber’s reach. I’ll just tell you what I know about what happened there. Kumbaba was reprimanded by the Guardias. His request for healing Giro was denied. Instead, they asked him to kill Giro.”

“What?! I thought the Guardias were good guys? Can’t they just heal Giro instead?”

“The Guardias only see things in black and white. If you’ve committed a crime then you deserved to be punished. Their penalty for taking an essence diamond is death.”

“Don’t tell me that Kumbaba followed their orders? He’s still Giro’s dad.”

The chamber of knowledge began to be filled with brilliant lights once more. It showed them a dismal barren land, as far as the eye can see.

“No, he didn’t he took Giro and banished him to the far off continent of Daemonestl. It was the continent of Devils and Demons. He placed the strongest illusionary spell on Giro so that the Guardias cannot find him. Afterward, Kumbaba came back to Nanahuatl. He was not quite the same after that incident. His usual happy face became sullen. Sure, he still managed to smile now and then but people could clearly see that it wasn’t a smile that came from his heart.”

“Wow, that’s so tragic. But that still doesn’t explain what happened here. Didn’t Kumbaba restore the barrier?”

The chamber’s dazzling lights took them back inside the coal mines once more. They were standing in front of the barrier. This time a large red devil with black wings was standing in front of the barrier.

The devil took out a Khmali sword bursting with miasma. The sword looks like it was made of a thousand devil horns. The devil let out his mana and lightning started to envelop his body. He transferred his gathered mana to the Khmali sword and lunged it into the barrier.

The sword was starting to make some dent when Kumbaba’s Cylindratis broke the Khmali sword in half. Reflexively the red devil flew a hundred meters backwards.

“Nice to see you again, Papa.”

“No… You can’t be… Giro?! What did you do to yourself?”

“What did you expect? You left me in Daemonestl for the last 20 years. That place has nothing but wretched monsters. I …. ate what I could eat and now I’ve become the Emperor of that dejected continent.”

“I’m so sorry. I wanted to help you. But removing the corruption of the essence diamond was beyond my power. Now, I think I understand why the Guardias wanted me to kill you. It would have prevented you from becoming like this.”

“What?! You’re not proud of what your son has become? I’m now an Emperor just like you Papa. Even if you neglected your duties to become a protector of the Repository, you are still their Imperator.”

“I see that it’s too late. I’m so sorry my son. I promise that once I take your life I will follow you into the next world.”

“Papa, please… The only one dying here today is you. Did you really think I would come back here without some sort of plan? I know that you’re still stronger than me. However, I’ve met a special type of demon in Daemonestl. They are called smoke imps. Let me introduce them to you.”

Giro snapped his fingers and at once thousands of tiny black smoke imps appeared out of nowhere. The tiny monsters had surrounded Kumbaba. The black smoke imps were discharging some sort of smoke. Filling the mines with their smog like black fog.

“If your wondering if I teleported them here. Well, let me tell you that I still don’t have your power of mass teleportation. I ordered these crafty little demons to come here before me. They were just hiding in the shadows of the mines. They are far from strong but their abilities make up for their weakness. For example, you weren’t able to detect them at all right? They have perfect stealth. If they don’t want to be seen or felt you will never know that they are there.”

“So, you’ve become a lecturer during your stay in Daemonestl. Sadly, the time’s up. I would really love to hear your voice again but not this diabolic sound coming out of your mouth. Farewell, my son.”

Kumbaba activated his instant movement ability but nothing happened. He was just standing in the same spot. He started to run towards Giro but found that even his movement speed was drastically decreased.

“Papa, you should have waited for me to finish my lecture about the black smoke imps. You see, only the black smoke imps can move freely inside their fog. Even your special abilities are disabled. Although their attack power is only that of a middle level demon but inside their realm that is more than enough to kill you.”

The horde of tiny black smoke imps piled on top of Kumbaba and started attacking him. He responded by placing both of his hands on the ground and with his open palms against the floor exerted all of his strength against it.

Kumbaba caused the ground to collapse. Creating a deep pit fall below. The fog from the black smoke imps was slow to descend downwards.

He jumped below and with his body out of the fog he was able to activate his abilities. Immediately he created a barrier that enclosed the whole horde of black smoke imps.

Just as Kumbaba finished creating the barrier, the broken Khmali sword pierced through his heart. In reflex his near death ability activated which created a spherical barrier around his body with a diameter of 200 meters.

Everything inside Kumbaba’s barrier was frozen in time. Giro didn’t know about this ability and was stuck there with his father.

But they would only be frozen for a few seconds as Kumbaba’s body started to glow. The real suicide attack was now being executed.

Every single particle inside the spherical barrier was disintegrated into nothing, leaving only an empty underground cavern.

“This was how my best friend Kumbaba died. Rendah was supposed to take command after Kumbaba. But he feared for the safety of his family. He was afraid that something similar would happen to them. He left Nanahuatl Village and gave the family token to one of his subordinates. He gave it to Amon Swift the great great great great grandfather of Jovas Swift. If you recall Jovas was one of the men who died trying to help Condortl.”

“Wait. If Amon Swift was that old. Wouldn’t that make you at least 500 years old?”

“Yes, I lied about my age. The truth is I really don’t know how old I am anymore. After that incident I created a wall completely sealing the chamber holding the repository of essence diamonds. The years went on. Demutig, Aiden, and Humilde all died of old age. All the clan heads in the village have changed. I’m the only one left out of the six protectors. The new clan heads were not told about the Repository of Overflowing Power. Since the Guardias didn’t find them worthy.”

“I have an impertinent question. If you don’t want to answer it I’d understand. How come the rest of the protectors died and you’re still alive?”

“You see the power of these essence diamonds are transferred into beings born in this world. Both you and I have some fragment of that power. This is the natural way of obtaining the power of the essence diamond. If the individual devotes himself to it. He could start to harness the power of that fragment and learn how to grow the power. Of course each individual has their own specialty. So does the essence diamonds. There are some essence diamonds that endow a person with great insight like the white and green diamond while others are given the power of healing like the red and pink diamonds. The real source of all these essence diamond is on the island of the great gods. I’m not sure how the Guardias de Tiempo got a hold of this Repository. All I know is that they are right. No one should have this power. Unfortunately no one has the power to destroy these essence diamonds as well. The Guardias used to house the repository in their temples. But no matter which temple it was placed. There was always a Magical Templar who would be tempted to obtain its power.”

“Alright, but you didn’t answer my question as to why you’re still alive and the other protectors are dead.”

“You see my fragment comes from the power of the purple essence diamond. Which gives us the ability to master time and space. That’s why I won’t be dying of old age.”

The chamber of knowledge’s shifting lights took them to Nanahuatl Village about 7 years ago.

“Anyway, The past hundred years as the sole protector has been peaceful. Until about 7 years ago. The miners in the coal mine started getting sick. I investigated the issue post haste. I found that the miasma from Giro’s battle with Kumbaba remained and had cracked the barrier that Kumbaba created containing the black smoke imps. I reinforced the barrier but the miasma had already spread throughout the whole village. Families started moving out. As everyone got sick. Sadly, for the weaker families that stayed, they were killed by the poison from the miasma. The Guardias de Tiempo tried to help me by sealing the coal mines completely. That’s why you can see that immovable boulder in front of the mine’s entrance. Both the Guardias and myself created another barrier sealing the mine entirely. But the miasma in the village could not be removed easily. The Guardias decided to activate their contingency plan.”

The whole village of Nanahuatl was engulfed in a barrier. Everything inside the village became transparent. The whole village literally looked like a ghost town. Monsters like the horned rabbit and armored armadillo started walking through the village. Smoke didn’t understand what was happening.

“The Guardias de Tiempo trapped us in Limbo. Because of this the life force of everyone in the village was being drained. I knew that I had to do something to save the remaining residents in Nanahuatl. I offered two thirds of my entire being in order to feed everyone. As a result I’m reduced to this level. My current level is now only 300. We stayed in that state for a long time. Until the day you arrived. When I saw you I thought I saw Giro revived! But as I looked upon you closely I knew that you weren’t him. If you remember I was barely able to move but everyone else stayed in a coma like state. It took 7 years for the poison in the miasma to disperse. If you hadn’t returned and given me food. I don’t think Nanahuatl Village would have survived.”

The chamber of knowledge returned to total darkness. Only the light emitting from the casting circle remained.

“If you hadn’t returned and fed me. I think everyone would’ve died. You see, I can no longer step out of the village. One of the conditions for sealing the miasma was to be within the premises of the village at all times. Before you arrived the perimeter covering the village was reduced to one third of its total land area. I couldn’t fish in the river. I couldn’t even hunt horned rabbits. All the food supply had been eaten. I was barely surviving on spices.”

The chamber then showed Nanahuatl Village to the day that Smoke first arrived.

“After you fed me the perimeter of the village started growing again and after we fed the residents some of my energy returned to me. Although my level is still at 300 but I could feel my energy coming back. I think you know everything after that.”

“I see. So, that’s where the sixth family token is located and that’s the whole story of Nanahuatl Village?”

“I wouldn’t say that it was the whole story. But it does contain the highlights of the village. You know, after telling you that story. I feel like a great thorn has been removed from my chest. So, let’s move on to the Beggar profession.”

Smoke was still in a daze. He was still absorbing everything that he had just learned. Yet he also wanted to know about his Beggar job.

“Yes! Please go on.”

“From the book of secret societies. You now know that there are a lot of them out there. Heck I don’t even know if some new secret society has been formed. Since I’ve been stuck in this village. Anyway, we belong to the ‘Verum de Mendicantibus’ the Brotherhood of Beggars. I don’t know who came up with the nickname Brotherhood when we have females in that society as well. Oh, where was I? Yes, the Brotherhood is spread all throughout Zectas. There are five levels of the Beggar profession. Right now you belong to the first level. You’re a plain Beggar. The next level would be the job called Beggar Evocati. The levels are determined by the stones embedded in the Beggar belts that we wear.”

Darius shifted a part of his robe and revealed his belt. He showed Smoke his Beggar belt. It held nine black stones.

“Whenever you want help from a fellow Beggar you just show him your belt. However you have to conceal your belt at all times and only show them to fellow Beggars. You can tell that person is a beggar by shaking their hands this way.”

Darius held out his hands and motioned for Smoke to give him his. Darius then showed Smoke the secret handshake.

“But wouldn’t a spy take notice of this and copy this secret handshake?”

Right after Smoke said those words a light emitted from Darius’ body. He then took notice that the same light was emitting from his.

“Oh, the handshake was a hand seal to activate this spell.”

“Yes, even if a spy were to follow the handshake this light would not appear if you weren’t a Beggar.”

“Awesome! Now I really feel like I belong to a secret society. So where is our HQ?”

“Hmm. That’s kind of a hard question. Since we are so spread out we don’t have a particular HQ. Well, we used to have one. When he was still active as an Imperator. Currently, there are just nine individuals who have the job Beggar Legati. That is the level below Imperator. Until we get another Imperator. These nine are now the current leaders of the ‘Verum de Mendicantibus’.”

“So how do I level up my job? What should my level be in order to get it? Do I go to an academia or something?”

“Our Beggar job is a bit different than the other professions. We don’t get to go to the next level by fulfilling a certain level requirement. We get to go to the next level according to the ‘contributions’ that we have given to the Brotherhood.”

“What kind of ‘contribution’ are we talking about? Is it the monetary kind?”

“Hahaha. You would think that right? Well, to be honest some of the Beggars did use their money to create enough influence to make the ‘contribution’. But mostly ‘contribution’ means the knowledge or intelligence you have given the Brotherhood. Acts of stabilization in a place of chaos, maybe by saving a city or at least several villages of the main cities. Heroic acts that affects the whole world of Zectas.”

“So, I have to become famous enough that other Beggars know about my great deeds?”

“Yeah, I guess if you put it that way. Yes that’s right.”

“That means I’ll be stuck with 25% capacity of all equipments. Great!”

“I never said that our job would be easy, but that’s how great things are. They start by being really difficult. Okay, that’s it for the Beggar job. I want you to discover the rest of the job yourself. Here you now deserve to have this.”

Darius gave Smoke his own Beggar belt as he had not yet received one. His belt only had one black stone embedded on it.

“What?! But that was too short. Who are the nine Beggar Legati? Are they in one of the main cities? What happens if I lose this belt? Come on, that was too short!”

While listening to Smoke begging for more information about the Beggar job, Darius’ face suddenly turned serious. Smoke fell silent and stopped pleading.

“Smoke, As the sole living protector of the repository of overflowing power, I was given the authority to find my successor. I find you to be the most suitable candidate. I trust that you will not succumb to the temptations of absolute power. Therefore I ask that you help me get rid of the black smoke imps and the remaining miasma inside the enclosed mines. Will you accept this quest?”

+ Quest: Clear the mines of Nanahuatl
    World Quest
    Level: S

    The mines has been infested with black smoke imps and the remaining miasma from Giro and Kumbaba’s battle. Clear the mines of these things and reinforce the barrier protecting the ‘Repository of Overflowing Power’.

    Quest Reward:
    Darius joins your private army.

    Accept the Quest? [YES/NO]

“Yes! Absolutely! I will not give in to that temptation. You can count on me to clear that mine out!”

Darius smiled and stepped out of the casting circle. He waved his hands and the wall leading outside opened by shifting downwards.

Smoke immediately went to the entrance of the mines. There he stood in front of the immovable colossal boulder.

He asked Jinggu and Sharur to take a break from gaining the poison resistance stat. He ordered the twins to join him as he wanted to verify something. He stepped aside and gave the signal to the twin Orkelves.

At once the twins released their flame bolts targeting the gigantic boulder. TTUUUK TUUUK. Dust covered the whole area.

As soon as the dust settled Smoke saw that the boulder took no damage at all. He went closer to the boulder and felt it with his hands.

! This is an impenetrable boulder. Only the High Magical Templar’s ability ‘Gravija’ can remove this boulder.

He knew that a level S quest was still far from his reach. But he still felt better knowing there was a way to free Darius from being stuck in the village and have him join his private army.

Smoke has come to terms with his decreased attacking power. He had just learned from a book that there was a monster near Nanahuatl Village whose bones would make a great arrow shaft.

He had scheduled his private army to accomplish their special assignments after one week. So it was just Adder and Igniz that would accompany him.

The monster that they were hunting for this time was called a towering phasmatodea. It was located across the river from Nanahuatl Village.

Fortunately, Adder had built a canoe during the time he was mastering his double bladed sword BlitzTod. It was big enough to carry them both while Igniz just hovered above them.

They have arrived at their destination, Turremloc Forest. Since the towering phasmatodea was made of wood, their enhanced fire attacks would have doubled effects.

From the book’s description, the towering phasmatodea looked like a gigantic stick insect. Whose height was about seven feet tall but had a width of only one foot.

Apparently weapons can only carry one enhancement or enchantment at a time. Efficiently, the spark stone from Adder’s BlitzTod was designed to be removable. So his sword could still receive Igniz’s enhancement.

However monsters could receive multiple status effects at the same time. Like being poisoned, burned, frozen, stunned, etc… these status effects can stack up.

They entered the forest of Turremloc. Immediately Smoke noticed that something was off. He didn’t sense a single monster.

He ordered everyone to stop. He scanned the forest trees. From the trees he saw that some of the branches were slightly moving.

Smiling at the sight of the slight movement, Smoke ordered for everyone to get ready for battle. He let loose his volley of arrows at the branches that were moving.

+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. CRITICAL HIT. Damage 352.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. Damage 138.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. CRITICAL HIT. Damage 355.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. CRITICAL HIT. Damage 353.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. CRITICAL HIT. Damage 358.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. Damage 137.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. CRITICAL HIT. Damage 353.
+ Attack hit towering phasmatodea. +FIRE DMG. CRITICAL HIT. Damage 354.

The towering phasmatodea’s lifebar appeared revealing (12,600/15,000 HP)

After Smoke’s first attack the camouflage towering phasmatodeas sticking to the trees started to swarm them. They were surrounded by roughly about 250 towering phasmatodeas.

Smoke asked Igniz to cancel his fire enhancement. He switched to using the poison pellets instead. He started walking around Adder in a circular manner and kept on shooting at all the monsters.

While Igniz followed Smoke’s pattern and created a blazing orbit of fire around them. Adder would pick out the towering phasmatodeas that entered their circle.

+ Atk hit. +FIRE DMG. Adder damaged towering phasmatodea for 5735.

– Adder attacked by towering phasmatodea. He has taken damage. Health -640

+ Atk hit. +FIRE DMG. Adder damaged towering phasmatodea for 5737.

– Adder attacked by towering phasmatodea. He has taken damage. Health -640

+ Atk hit. +FIRE DMG. Adder damaged towering phasmatodea for 5735.
+ Atk hit. +FIRE DMG. Adder damaged towering phasmatodea for 5738.

+ Your party has dealt a fatal blow to the towering phasmatodea.
+ Your party has killed the towering phasmatodea.
+ Your party has gained 4,000 exp.

The experience that they were getting from the monster barely made a mark on Smoke’s experience bar. But that didn’t matter to him. He wasn’t here for their experience. He was here for their wooden bones.

With Adder’s total HP now at 89,000 the damage that he took from the towering phasmatodea was negligible. They kept the same formation for about 40 minutes until they wiped out all of the towering phasmatodea in their area.

They were able to collect 130 phasmatodea bones. This amount did not reach 1% of Smoke’s target quota. So they continued further inside the Forest of Turremloc.

They continued repeating the same formation for the next 6 hours. Until it was time for Smoke to log out for his quick nap.

During the times that Smoke was out, Adder and Igniz would go to the plains or sometimes continue hunting by themselves.

When Smoke returned he found out that they now have a total of 810 phasmatodea bones. He thought that maybe he should decrease his quota from 15,000 to 5,000 phasmatodea bones.

They continued on at the same pace when Smoke suddenly detected an alarming presence. From the riverside there was about 1,000 unknown monsters.

With his ‘Cunning of the Dire Fox’ ability reaching advance level he could now have a better understanding of the unknown monster’s size.

The unknown monster felt to be about 6 feet in height but had a stout body. Smoke was troubled. They were still in the middle of their circle fighting the towering phasmatodeas.

If they were to start running away now then they would be swarmed by the towering phasmatodeas. Smoke quickly did a rough estimate of the monsters they had to kill before making a run for it.

However, the unknown monsters seem to have understood that their presence was felt and started increasing their pace towards Smoke.

After Adder killed the last towering phasmatodea. Smoke quickly gave the signal to run opposite of the unknown monsters.

While running away, Smoke was shooting at the direction of the unknown monster hoping that he would hit one of them so that he could know what the unknown monster was.

A sound notification came indicating that he had hit a monster. He stopped for a moment to look at the unknown monsters chasing them.

Smoke saw what looked like heavy armored virile lizards. But from the name indicated at the lifebar it said that the monster was called varanus indicus and had a (79,642/80,000 HP).

Smoke felt cold sweat run down his face. How in the world can a monster mob have that much HP? He thought that only boss monsters could reach that high.

While he was running for dear life. Smoke realized that Zectas was truly too big a world to assume anything. He dreaded to imagine what the life of the boss from that monster would be.

He told Adder to run faster. But as they were running Smoke felt another unknown presence up ahead. His ‘Cunning of the Dire Fox’ ability never felt like this before.

A notification window popped up.

* Cunning of the Dire Fox has detected the presence of a player

 Player alignment: Chaotic Evil
 Player body type: Gigantic

Smoke knew that only ‘Player Killers’ had an alignment of Chaotic Evil. They were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He calculated that Adder would most likely survive against the Player Killer and escape if Smoke would sacrifice his life.

He ordered for them to clash with the Player Killer head on. In the next few seconds the unknown Player Killer came into view. The Player Killer was a gigantic WereBear!

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