Need Help Deciding


I was hoping you guys could help me out! I have two ideas for my next book a part from the Zectas Series.

I love them both equally, so, maybe you could write your opinions based on their synopsis. Seriell is too dark though, especially when compared to Zectas.



After the release of diversified virtual reality games, a dark VRMMORPG of being a serial killer was brought out to the public.

However, it had awaken the problem of distinguishing the line of virtual reality and the real world.



In the year 2112, Scientists have finally broken through the near-impossible barrier of molecular-digital transfer.

As they have already successfully teleported cats, dogs, and pigs across their instant-transportation-portals, it was time for them to take the next step. To successfully transport a Human.

A death-row inmate was decidedly their first choice to make history, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a field of red grass with a blue cow gazing on it.


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