Zectas Volume Two is Out!!!

Hi Everybody,

I’m very happy to tell you that you can now get a copy of Zectas Volume Two here:

                           Payhip:     Zectas Volume II : Heraldic City of Coatl
                           Amazon:   Zectas Volume II: Heraldic City of Coatl

If you like Zectas and want to support it, please get a copy. The e-book contains a bonus side-story.

You can click here for Zectas Volume 03 Chapter 01 – Expanded Horizons

Please give a rating if you’re buying on Amazon, you can also click on g+1 and share the great news to your friends…

I hope that a lot of you will read the bonus chapter.

Once again, thank you for reading Zectas and I hope that we will have more years of enjoying Smoke’s world together.


John Nest


  • Amazon is more expensive because they have their own minimum price for the e-book category that Zectas qualifies under.
  • If your paypal account is unverified it can cause a problematic transaction.

Here is a link that might help you verifying your paypal account: http://www.wikihow.com/Verify-a-PayPal-Account


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